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False Alarms Didn't Save Their Lives

The two boys sped down the road. They were coming to a stop light so Ian slowed down. As they approached the surrounding cars waiting behind that white line, Robbie thought he spotted a police car.
"Is that a cop?" he asked.
Both of them pulled their seatbelts down about an inch from the buckles, but as soon as they came to a stop, they realized it was a false alarm. The two seatbelts snapped back and hit against the inside of the car doors.
"Did you catch the hockey game last night?" Ian aksed.
"I only saw the last 15 minutes, Kings won again." Robbie replied.
"Oh, Kenny owes me twenty bucks then."
"Haha, that asshole never pays anyone."
They both laughed as the red light turned to a green one. They kept driving and talking and they came to a turn, a very sharp turn. Half an hour later, both Ian and Robbie were announced dead, Robbie 4 minutes sooner. If only that would have been a real police car.
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