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Side of the road attraction

This was also put into first_thoughts and the same concept into 50wordstory, so sorry if anyone is seeing this numerous times. It just struck me as funny. I'm trying to get all the amusement I can out of it.

I thought I saw a dead monkey today,
All black and white.
I'm sure when it was alive,
It was cute and cuddly, all loveable.
It made me wonder how he got here.
How he died on the side of the street.
With no monkey friends to morn him.
No one to place a marker w/ his name on it.
It got me to thinking,
The nearest zoo is 100 miles away.
He got so far,
What would he have been going towards?
Or was there,
Just the right spot,
To commit monkey suicide?
My imagination runs away with me,
My dad says in a reply.
But maybe,
Just maybe,
I'll go back with some flowers
And maybe a symbolic banana peel.
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