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Hands pressed against the glass, watching the rain quietly, pretending I don't notice how close we are standing. I don't have to turn around to see that you're directly behind me. The glass reflects your image. No secret is safe in the window. Your breath warming the back of my neck. Our bodies mimick the awkward silence floating about us. I try to ignore your hand as it slips around my waist effortlessly. A chill ripples across the small of my back as your other hand takes it's place on my hip. All my blood, it seems, rushes to my cheeks as your grip tightens and you pull me in so close that I can hear your heart beating. The rhymnic sound is so soothing. Your arms guide me as I turn around to face you. My knees give way as you lean in and kiss me. For the moment that our lips are locked, the world melts away. Our atoms seem to fuse, and every cell in my is shaking with relief. Verbal apologies have no place here. So forget that words exists, forget the world exists, and hold me tight. Hold me tight, and never let me go.
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