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The things that matter

"It wouldn't hurt you to put on a better shirt." She bitched at her husband.

"I look fine, it's not like anyones going to care what I have on."

"Honey, you have grape juice stains all over you."

"Fine, I'll change!" He said, throwing his shirt off and pounding his feet up the stairs.

She picked up the shirt, "I'd rather be fishing." She read aloud.

"What do you want me to wear?" Her husband called, interupting her thoughts.

"The blue sweater." She replyed. Her attention went back to the shirt. "Wouldn't we all." She mumbled. "Wouldn't we all."

Her husband came down the stairs, blue sweater on, hair neatly combed. "Ready?"

"Yeah." She nodded, aware again of how much she loved him. She set the shirt down. "So, you wanna go fishing tomorrow?"

He smiled, and took her hand, "Sure babe."
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