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Of the fittest

(I know it's been a while since I've written, but yeah, I haven't had any inspiration until recently.)

They came to a screeching halt. The cars smashed together. People that watched the scene would never believe anyone could surive this. One man rushed in, trying to find a way to the people stuck inside. He saw two similar looking, blonde, females moving ever so slightly in one of the cars. He focused his attention on them. One had her seatbelt on, the other did not. He went for the one with her seatbelt on. He cut the belt, smashed the windshield more so she'd be able to be lifted out. As he and another man that came onto the scene, dragged her to safety, the cars together exploded. Three innocent people died that day. One lived, while her twin died.

"Why did you save me?" She asked when she awoke.

"You had your seatbelt on, it seemed like you cared about life more. You were protecting yourself." The man mumbled, ashamed he hadn't been able to save both.

Tears rolled out of the girls eyes, "Two seconds before the car hit us, my sister told me to put my seat belt on. When I said no. She'd had to undo hers to buckle mine."
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